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Corporate Team Building

The big canoes provide a real team experience for groups of up to 12 people per canoe. It is a joyful feeling having 12 people working together, all keeping pace and time with each other gliding a big canoe through the water. Combine this with learning to effectively navigate using the wind and tide to the best advantage and working as a team to manoeuvre the canoe like a polished crew it easy to see how the big canoe brings people together.

Like all good teams the big canoes allow for differences in skill and energy levels enabling people to contribute what they can to the group effort. There are opportunities for crews people to take rests in a coordinated manor so that the canoes still keep travelling. Being in one big craft produces a sense of togetherness and the opportunity to achieve together.

Big Canoes can be used in a variety of ways from a shared experience in its own right, water based orienteering challenges or hectic regattas. Combining the big canoes with stops on remote foreshores and islands for lunch and tea breaks, as well as team tasks makes for a real team adventurous experience. The size of the canoes enables food and other equipment to be easily carried so your team can be well looked after. We can even carry camping equipment for the ultimate remote overnight experience.

Based primarily in Poole harbour we have a wide variety of locations around the harbour to launch from and can even move the canoes on other waterways if required. We pride ourselves in tailoring the day to meet your needs.

Please talk to us to see how a big canoe experience could work for your team or event.

£950 + VAT including lunch and snacks.