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Caring for our environment

BigCanoe-EnvironmentWhat could be a greener activity that travelling by canoe to explore the waterways of the UK?

Big Canoes are non-polluting, leave no permanent trace in the water or on the shore of their passing. They create little wake or wash so do not add to the erosion of riverbanks.

They can be paddled silently enabling a greater experience of being immersed in the natural environment and offering minimal disturbance to wildlife.

As platforms for being close to nature, paddlers are close to the water surface able to easily peer below the surface where it is clear to the depths below.

As paddlers we need to be aware of our responsibilities for maintaining the water systems we use. We ask all participants to ensure that they look after all their litter and do not allow any of it to end up in the water or on the shorelines where we stop.

As well as caring for the environment paddling a Big Canoe helps to care for you. A few hours paced and gentle exercise is a great way to help us all keep healthy.