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Working with Baden Powell

baden powell outdoor centreWorking from the Baden Powell Outdoor Centre on Brownsea Island is a service exclusively for residents at the Baden Powell Campsite.


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Baden Powell Outdoor Centre

Brownsea Island

Baden Powell Outdoor Centre guests can either use the Big Canoe to:

  • Begin their trip to the Outdoor Centre by paddling to Brownsea Island from the mainland
  • End their stay on the island with the return journey to the mainland being made in a Big Canoe
  • Discover the Brownsea island shoreline and Poole Harbour with a paddle from the campsite.



Getting to and from the campsite

Make the journey to the island at the start of camp or return to the mainland at the end of camp in a Big Canoe. Paddling as a mode of transport certainly adds further adventure to the camp. We provide a support boat to bring the luggage, which will land with you on the beach by the campsite.

Departures from the mainland can be arranged from Poole, Sandbanks or Arne.

Full or half day booking

To meet the needs of your group we offer a flexible approach to booking. A whole day booking of a canoe give you the flexibility to have either

  • A days adventure for a single group
  • Two different groups on a half day adventure each
  • Three different groups, each enjoying a two hour experience in a Big Canoe.

Launching right from the beach at the campsite, The Big Canoe allows the campers to gain a different perspective of their island base and a chance to explore the harbour.

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